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    Warmly celebrate the company relocated office building
    In September 20, 2015, the company ushered in the history of the development of another event -- the new factory base new office housewarming ceremony. The same day, the company under a simple and grand bursting with happiness, to celebrate the group headquarters new office building was officially opened, group chairman attended the ceremony, group leaders, functional departments and offices (departments) managers and staff representatives attended the ceremony.
    Our company will meet the arrival of every customer with a new look, and look forward to working with new and old customers win-win cooperation, a total of brilliant innovation. Take this occasion to a wedding, friends from all walks of life for a long time to pay attention to and support our heartfelt thanks!
    Company two factory address:
    Address of the new factory: No. 1, Tiangong Road, Hefei circular economy demonstration garden
    Address: 25, Liaoyuan Road, Feidong County, Hefei